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my rule is that: Every house should have solar panels #35 Make a rule! 20/5/21
The ideas that I bring to my school that can bring global warming to everyone are: Painting on... Session 6: Global Conversation reflection 27/5/21
i agree #35 Make a rule! 20/5/21
Hi my name is best_planet My opinions are Can opinions ever be wrong? Yes/No/Maybe?... Session 1: what is cancel culture? 17/6/21
nice job well done illuminated_land Living Green 27/5/21
if i could make any job then i would create this: i would make a company which uses plastic and... #36 Work for the world! 27/5/21
people fight against deforestation to get paper or land you never know if they are doing good ... #36 Work for the world! 27/5/21
nice work love your artwork busy_river GO GREEN AND SAVE THE WORLD. 27/5/21
Well first off , if the person who got canclled didnt know what they were doing wrong they could... Session 2: cancel culture and justice 17/6/21
well i disagree as if anyone was the prime minister than you cant spend your money that easily Session 4: who has the power? 13/5/21
my caption means; that the nature is holding the earth as if there is no nature then the world... #34 Caption this! 13/5/21
the goverment should spend their money wisely as if they spend it on something useless like... Session 4: who has the power? 13/5/21
yes we should as it would make the country better and more useful and more popular as it will be... BEAR group | Week 4 Cluster Conversation 13/5/21