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i like where you are coming from breathtaking deer but we do and don't need walls and barriers... What would happen if we removed all walls and borders? 01/5/19
I think it took 5 things (the government, the Bank of England, the bankers bosses, the... Whose fault is it? 13/11/18
I agree violence on social media is very bad but even if the government change the law it... Violence on Social Media 02/10/18
This is very interesting because i have noticed it with 'YouTubers' who use the fact that they... MYANMAR: What Makes Us Trust? 18/9/18
Thank you! Who got your seat? 12/9/18
But so could all the others! Who got your seat? 11/9/18
I disagree with giving the seat to the pregnant woman because she could easily hold on, and... Who would you give up your seat to 11/9/18
Hi Tiff, I do not think that treating people fairly and equally are the same. If we were to... Who got your seat? 11/9/18