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I think how you told the amount of MP's that there are was very interesting My Democracy Speech 03/4/19
What will change after Brexit, can you give me some example? MP Matt Warman answers YOUR questions! 18/3/19
I agree that social media has a big part to brexit because a lot of people think that you can... Did Fake News cause Brexit? 02/3/19
I agree, its not ok and they have no right MAKE BANKS SAFER! (Final Piece) 21/12/18
I really liked the song SONG: #STAY SAFE - REWARD'S RISE! 21/12/18
This video was very thought through an I really enjoyed it was also very easy to understand. Don't Play If You Can't Pay! 21/12/18
Great quiz I found it really interesting some of them made me really surprised with the answers. Quiz time! What have you learnt so far? 28/11/18
I really like how you put the text into quotes and I also would be like Sarah because I still... Can the banks really be trusted with our money? 28/11/18
I think the bank should be more careful with what they are giving out and not trust as many... How to avoid the Financial Crisis 18/11/18
Thankyou energetic_koala Should Aung san Suu kyi still be state councillor ? 08/11/18
I think you could have different types of sweets like tic tacs, mentos, millions or even... Weekly Competition #9 08/11/18
I really like what you have written Should children be given the rights to have money 05/11/18
Thank you energetic_Koala Should Aung san Suu kyi still be state councillor ? 11/10/18
i agree with you and i think that we should here from the military out of everyone, people are... Should everyone have the right to free speech? 10/10/18
I agree that we should be hearing from other peoples perspectives because its always the best... who would you like to hear from? 04/10/18
I think that the odd one out is C because A and B might be protesting .In picture C it looks... Weekly Competition #4 03/10/18
I agree with Aung san Suu kyi about terrorists just because we don't need war if someone else... Should Aung san Suu kyi still be state councillor ? 19/9/18
I think that she did many good things to make make myanmar peaceful place but now she’s not... Aung San Suu Kyi criticised 16/9/18
Social media is not the best place to go to for the news because there is a possibility that it... Weekly Competition #2 16/9/18
I agree that she shouldn't be criticized Aung San Suu Kyi criticised (2) 14/9/18
I'd like to know how long the fighting in Myanmar has been going on for ? Ask the expert: we need your questions! 14/9/18
I agree with you Who would get the seat? 13/9/18
If people start putting their phones away I think that would make the world a better place.There... Who'd you offer your chair to? 12/9/18
If people start putting their phones and books away I think that would make the the world a... Who'd you offer your chair to? 12/9/18
I think that that the man with crushes, or the old lady should get a seat because the man could... Who would get the seat? 12/9/18
I know she could hold on to the bar but it would be much better if she had a seat Who got your seat? 12/9/18
Its a sad fact that quite often none of those people would get a seat because now a days... Who has to stand up? 11/9/18
A splash of colour brightens up a dark gloomy day Weekly Competition #1 07/9/18