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They should maybe be looking over the wall because it might not be good that there's a wall... Weekly Competition #30 01/5/19
It would be good and bad because sometimes you need walls to protect your country but not always What would happen if we removed all walls and borders? 01/5/19
the BNC is a place where someone can post something that someone might disagree with it or agree... Weekly Competition #7 23/10/18
I think photo A is the odd one out because it is the only photo with tanks and there are no... Weekly Competition #4 03/10/18
I agree with you industrious moon.I think it's good that you added a lot of detail and I really... MYANMAR: What Makes Us Trust? 19/9/18
I think she is a good woman because she has done many great things. Wake up, Aung San Suu Kyi! 14/9/18
I think is this good writing. Wake up, Aung San Suu Kyi! 14/9/18
I don't think so because anyone can write any news on social media Weekly Competition #2 14/9/18
In the wet world a man walks over bridge in terror floods Weekly Competition #1 14/9/18
Man walks over bridge in heavy rain Weekly Competition #1 13/9/18
I like it also how you wrote about everyone not just the pregnant woman. For me I think it... Who would you give up your seat to 13/9/18
I love the amazing writing Who would you give up your seat to 13/9/18