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I think that this needs to stop. I think this because people of different race should have the... This needs to stop! 26/9/18
I think that it is the banks fault as they listened to the government Weekly Competition #12 27/11/18
I felt very sorrowful and disappointed of people when I heard this issue. People with... Weekly Competition #3 26/9/18
Hi, my opinion is that parents should get paid a decent amount because some people work a lot... Should parents be paid more ? 27/11/18
I agree as this is showing disrespect and people with diffrent skin colour and religions should... NO ONE SHOULD JUDGE OTHER PEOPLE BY THEIR SKIN COLOUR OR RELIGION!!! 26/9/18
I think people should not have a chance to sufer Myanmar, a poem 09/10/18
I agree if I was in anyone's shoes I would say that hate them? Do you think the Roghingyas LIKE the attackers? 27/9/18
thank you for commenting me Should we help these people? 02/10/18
I would also feel very sorrowful and disappointed of humanity. Do you think the Roghingyas LIKE the attackers? 27/9/18
I agree. NO ONE should deserve to be treated like this and I think we should try help too. Friend or Foe 26/9/18
This year our school donated money to porchlight for the homeless. Homlessness 09/10/18