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Due to the fact that the nurses get less money is that all of it I would say no because what... Session one: what is work? 05/11/20
Near my house there is a shop and it is a really good shop it is a clothes shop for kids and it... #12 - A street near you! 26/11/20
I think that doctors,nurses and teachers and other jobs don't get that much money compared to... Session one: what is work? 05/11/20
The Cafe Owner Natasha had to lose a lot of money because of Covid 19 and there are a lot more... Session three: covid-19 and work 19/11/20
I would say no to replacing people with robots because robots could get some thing wrong for... Session two: changing workforce 12/11/20
The only time that I would say yes to replacing a human with a robot is when a robot could do it... Session two: changing workforce 12/11/20
yeah I agree with that because doctors for exsample only get 33 thousand pounds a year compared... Session one: what is work? 05/11/20
Due to Coronavirus this year has been very hard because lot's of shop and hair dressers and... Session four: evaluation 26/11/20
My dream job is to be a archaeologist because when I am at home I watch like these TV shows... #11 - You're hired! 19/11/20