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I completely and utterly agree with you 'precious_heart', because it is totally wrong that young... #2 Editor for a Day Winners Announced! 18/9/19
Personally, i don't think there should be more than one prime-minister in one country incase... Should there be more than one Prime Minister per country? 07/2/20
I totally agree with you mindful_wallaby because I think that we couldnt really live in space... Can we live in space? 20/12/19
Personally, I think that there should be an age limit to go to space as well as not, only... Should there be an age limit on who can go up to space? 22/11/19
Personally, if i was made the country Prime Minister, I would firstly set some rules/laws but... What would you do as prime minister? 10/1/20
If I was in charge for a Local Newspaper I would tell true News and ask people around the world... #2 Editor for a Day Winners Announced! 18/9/19
I think that children should be aloud to vote for there Country Leader even though they're (we)... #5 Questionable Quotes - Winners Announced! 04/10/19
My three questions are: How is it spreading across the world so fast? What does it do to you... The coronavirus: Where to get your updates 13/3/20
I think that young children shouldn't work at the hospital for many reasons. One of them is... Could kids work at hospital??? 13/3/20
I think the big trend of wanting to live on space is cool but at the same time many things could... Can we live in space? 16/12/19
I totally agree with you 'protective_artic_fox'. It doesn't matter about the latest gaming... #2 Editor for a Day Winners Announced! 18/9/19
Personally, if i saw an alien in space or out, i would take a few photos for proof so scientists... How would humans react if we really found aliens? 16/12/19
Personally i think both ways because everyone has the right to speak but no as well as yes... Should people have the right to say whatever they want? 18/9/19