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You are very right about that and some of these people don't even have any parents. Everyone isn't cared for. 02/10/18
I think it is Picture A because it is more related to Myanmar and it has no high tech . etc camera's Weekly Competition #4 28/9/18
Aung Suu Kyi wants peace but will only remark it she doesn't stick to her word,she wants peace... Weekly Competition #6 19/10/18
I think that an individual person can make a difference, because we know it is possible for the... Can an individual personal make a difference to climate change? 10/6/19
I think you should be able to have advanced permission because if there is a crisis that could... Weekly Competition #36 07/6/19
Aung Suu Kyi doesn't use actions enough and sometimes doesn't use actions at all, actions are... Weekly Competition #6 19/10/18
Hello fulfilled_strategy, I personally I also agree with you for this is not the right way to... Trump's wall 03/5/19
I would help if I could but I can't right now because I am just a child. Feeding people 02/10/18
Who's side would you pick I would help homeless children or everyone in the Myanmar crisis and... Everyone isn't cared for. 28/9/18
You are very right about that ,Paradises are being destroyed. Refugees 02/10/18