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Dear dairy, My life is tiring because of the people that want to change the law Hong kong is... #4 Diary Entry - Winners Announced! 02/10/19
most people are scared of people that do any crime because they don't want to be part of it so... Video & Discussion: Violent crime. Behind the headlines 25/1/19
violent crimes are increasing because young children / teens are going into gangs and people are... Why are violent crimes are incresing? 16/1/19
You don't really know what will happen if you take the risk and if you don't take the risk then... To risk, or not to risk, that is the question. 29/11/18
I think the person who got the money is to blame because they might not pay it back and that... End of video 1 - The Banking System 16/11/18
O would give some to the homeless and to charity but some for my family and me to get stuff I will us What would you do with £100 billion ? 07/11/18
I think that I would pay for the NHS for a year because they can help the homeless who should get the money? 07/11/18
Banks help you protect our money and help you save it What Do Banks Do? 07/11/18