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what do you like to do in youre spare time?? We need YOUR questions! Check out who is answering! 25/4/19
Very good facts, and i do really agree:-) Trump Border - Why does he want to build a wall? 28/4/19
~Hi my name is convivial_nature. ~My school is Lejonströmsskolan. ~I live in skellefteå,... Welcome to our new schools! 24/4/19
I think physical boarders because you can't go where you want to go. Is It All In My Head? 08/5/19
Walls protect people in wars and divide people in present times:-) Do walls protect or divide people? 25/4/19
I think everybody would break a law because you wouldn't know which country you are in, and all... What would happen if we removed all walls and borders? 24/4/19
I think it is good with borders Weekly Competition #32 15/5/19