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I agree with most of the above but I think pollution is the mother of all evils and if we want... Session 3: Responding to extreme weather 04/5/20
Is there any influence or intervention in your work by political leaders? In case your work... Isabel Gomes answers your questions! 26/5/20
I mean solar and wind power. It is sarcastic that nature is punishing Man by the same means he... Session 3: Responding to extreme weather 26/5/20
I would like to give an example of a country very affected by extreme weather . My example is... Thinking Questions from Session 3 10/5/20
I like the use of links, but if it is a speech how can you present links like that. Is it for... Memorable_orchard's Speech for the Un75 Conversation. 26/5/20
Great one, keep it up. This can be applied for many other issues Covid-19 Website Tracker 26/5/20
OPTIONAL REFLECTION Coronavirus is one of the most dangerous viruses ever , it's a deadly and... Session 4: Making adaptations 15/5/20
I 've made a quick search online and found that business can be affected if they don' t take... World leaders "comply" with extreme weather 06/5/20