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Wow this is so wonderful, I agree Direct democracy solution? 28/4/20
Thank you we will obey the rules and comands UPDATED advice for Global Conversation students - please read! 22/4/20
I well say flood is not a good thing is a dangerous things that can kills humans easy and can... Emojis: the last defence? 30/4/20
5, Image2, This image show fire is burning in a forest and the animals are running from that... Session 5: Preparing a speech 18/5/20
I agree with you about the increase of multiculturim. Final piece of trump's wall 26/4/20
Thank you Olivia and will done for using your story telling to do scribe your response to this.... A School Divided 26/4/20
Section, 1. Heavy rains Section, 2. ans, 1 Yes, but we should stay away from flood to save... Floods of the earth 30/4/20
React. Tooth decay. i: When one of your teeth get decay it will be good to react... Session 4: Making adaptations 13/5/20
Climate change is a big issue. The Causes Of Climate Change 24/4/20
I agree with you totally 99%. The Good News Quiz! 26/4/20
Thanks for your final vide VIDEO: Sympathetic signature’s view on the motion 27/4/20
I agree for that Direct democracy 28/4/20
This is brilliant and fantastic final piece, and post which is very well written. Walls: symbols of regression 26/4/20
Thank you for replying to my comment Explorer answers YOUR questions! 24/4/20
What do we do to stop this Dear Climate Change 28/4/20
I thing this is when a Sevier hamatan ociurs the earth can be at tuhis or the picture shouw's... #32 - Give it a title! 21/4/20
Good and I love it Thought Leader announced for Issue 4 27/4/20
1, choose which actions would save lives. i: send firefighters to the affected areas or... Session 3: Responding to extreme weather 08/5/20
1:flood occure's when gutters are chocke Session 1: Introduction 21/4/20
That is a good speach VIDEO: Direct Democracy Speech 28/4/20
This will be bad idea because those who are rich will use this as a chance to disobey the law to... Extreme weather 08/5/20
I think this protest is interest and amazing and we can all be together and take action if we... My experience of school strike for climate 24/4/20
That is not bad wall, and I agree with you. FINAL PIECE : Walls only create hatred and discrimination! 26/4/20
Everyone should vote Democracy 28/4/20
I agree that he should not do this. TRUMP or MEXICAN 26/4/20
2, Action to do in two months time. i: Lower carbon emissions ii: Provide shelter to... Session 3: Responding to extreme weather 08/5/20
Thank you, this is so great for your opinion Final Piece 28/4/20
What if the US were not there and what if they refuse to help? Mankind is in danger because of global warming 08/5/20
3, Actions to do in the next year or two years time. i: Build better flood defence ii:... Session 3: Responding to extreme weather 08/5/20
Emojis can help us in many ways that can reach beyond man understanding.Emojis can help the... Emojis: the last defence? 08/5/20
I agree with you too SHOULD WE INTERVENE! 24/4/20
Please can you tell the one that is more dangerous to avoid? Weather fluctuations 08/5/20
Wow this pictur shows how space look like . What have we actually gained from space exploration? Has it gone too far? 23/4/20
2: This picture means when a hunter Cath an animal and Session 1: Introduction 21/4/20
I will agree but how well it spreed easily like that, this corona virus is dangerous it kills... The coronavirus: Where to get your updates 22/4/20
Image 3 ii:flood, The too can cause when their is rain falls or when a gutter is choked and... Session 5: Preparing a speech 18/5/20
This is soo incredible and amazing keep it up. A letter to my local MP 24/4/20
Step2 1, Action to do now i:Provide a emergency health care to the injured. ii:send food to... Session 3: Responding to extreme weather 08/5/20
This is very good. Direct democracy 27/4/20
Extreme weather events affect in the following ways, Positive effect: Because of extreme... How does extreme weather effect us? 08/5/20
We need to protect this world and planet because we all leave in this world. The Climate Change Emergency 24/4/20
This is good Bumper end-of-term quiz! 22/4/20
I got 5out of 10 The Good News Quiz! 28/4/20
This is the spirit The coronavirus: Where to get your updates 28/4/20
Step1 Test your memory 3, I remember 3 images 4,i: fire, fire can dedtroys... Session 5: Preparing a speech 18/5/20
Thanks, but how does the weather change Committee on Climate Change expert ANSWERS 24/4/20
I agree with you. In a perfect world without barriers 26/4/20
This thing will not affect humans but it can affect animals life too and the flood can destroys... Session 1: Introduction 22/4/20
People shouldn't move wherever that want because some countries like US would overwhelmed by people. People should be able to move wherever they want. 26/4/20
Keep it up If you don't take part in a vote, should you still be intitled to a vote? 27/4/20
I love knowing more about this topic Ask an expert about extreme weather! 28/4/20
Thank you for this video VIDEO: Talented tamarind’s post on the motion about direct democracy 27/4/20
I agree with you. Scotland vs England 27/4/20
Well done for this speech VIDEO: Democracy Speech 28/4/20
Thanks for this My Final Piece valuable_moth 28/4/20
I agree with this idea. Mankind is in danger because of global warming 01/5/20
Wow this is soo amazing, I didn't know about this 🔥 in China. Why has they been so many wild fires this year ? 24/4/20
Hi intellectual_vegetable you have write a good thing. This is true we can not prevent natural... How to deal with natural disasters 30/4/20
Importance of them Flood ;In my opinion,when flood occurs it destroys many properties... Session 5: Preparing a speech 20/5/20
Step, 1. Yes because you can take some advise from it and it can help you somewhere 2,... Session 2: Exploring extreme weather 29/4/20
Step4, Situation 3 Firstly I send firefighters to go in and save people from... Session 3: Responding to extreme weather 08/5/20
Step1, i: Reason why it would be good to prevent tooth decay is because when you get tooth... Session 4: Making adaptations 11/5/20
The reason why I said that is if your house is behind the gutter, and there is heavy rain... Session 3: Responding to extreme weather 04/5/20
Step 3, i: which adaptation is only good on a local scale? Plants and shade. ii: which... Session 4: Making adaptations 13/5/20
Image1,france heatwave 2019 Image2,Australia fire 2019 Image3,Bangladesh flood... Session 5: Preparing a speech 20/5/20
Keep up a good work Information about Brexit! 28/4/20
I think children needs more informatoin Are we all entiled a voice and a vote? 28/4/20
I agree and I think we should leave it done. Brexit or Bray? (Will Britain exit or stay?) 26/4/20
This is so high praise World leaders "comply" with extreme weather 29/4/20
Thank you. VIDEO: Our Review of News Club 26/4/20
We are polluting the air. The climate change issue. 24/4/20
Sort the responses into two groups. 1, Action that happen before the event. i: lower... Session 3: Responding to extreme weather 08/5/20
I agree because everyone has the right to say something in the issue. if you don't take part in a vote, should you still get a say on the issue? 27/4/20
Thank you for your opinion The only sane decision 28/4/20
This is a good post. Donald Trump's wall. 26/4/20
Extreme weather affect us in so many ways, I" It can kills humans, II"it destroys human... How does extreme weather effect us? 01/5/20
Yes I got the same too Personality quiz! Which skill are you? 28/4/20
Step ONE In my opinion, We can respond to extreme_weather by lower carbon emissions or lower... Session 3: Responding to extreme weather 04/5/20
This is very very good post. India/Bangladesh Border Wall and its Problems 27/4/20
The reply The government should sunsitise people from exposing fire doering the harmattan season. Session 5: Preparing a speech 20/5/20
Step1,number 4 continues Fire: fire is a flame of burning that destroys properties Heatwave... Session 5: Preparing a speech 20/5/20
For me Donal Trump should stop building a new wall. Trump's Wall: Final Piece 26/4/20
By stop changing the climate. How can we help the Earth ? 24/4/20
OPTIONAL REFLECTION 1,what kind of things would you say to world leaders about corona... Session 5: Preparing a speech 20/5/20
I like it and I agree VIDEO: My speech about direct democracy 28/4/20
How will we stop polluting our planet? Mankind is in danger because of global warming 08/5/20
Step3 Situation 1. I will build house with materials that keep... Session 3: Responding to extreme weather 08/5/20
I agree. My Democracy Speech 27/4/20