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I agree because this is not fair . Us humans should all be treated the same way no matter what... Everyone isn't cared for. 04/10/18
I could have glasses on and I would wish for a fishing rod so I can make a fire with my glasses... Weekly Competition #11 22/11/18
I agree and disagree. I agree because people should go out there and make a difference but if... Weekly Competition #36 13/6/19
I don’t think aliens are real because there has been no evidence and no talk. I think Area 51 is... are aliens real? 13/11/19
Has a black hole ever been seen by a human ? Your chance to ask a space expert! 20/11/19
What would happen if everyone got paid the same wages? Are parents wages fare. 22/11/18
Also, people in Hong Kong are declining the fact that they are not allowed to wear "Face masks" . Face mask is ban in Hong Kong 09/10/19