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I agree with you but we need to make the best use of this energy... Solar power 22/4/21
Fight your opponent Rice on the air Every day you progress Start over again Help your... #32 A fresh start! 28/4/21
Do you expect world wars to come for water sources??! We'll never know the worth of water till the well is dry💧 22/4/21
When the world understand the scale of change a pandemic will bring ? The world will not... Find week your WEEK 4 Cluster Conversation! 19/4/21
I think the sun is the pirmary sources of life on earth, and it's absence will lead to... Solar power 28/4/21
I hope that this siege will be lifted and that the Palestinian people will live free,like all... #31 Start the conversation! 21/4/21
I think it's hard to rely only on solar power to run a car , it has to have other sources of ... Green transport using solar panels 28/4/21
I want to invite a machine that filters the air from microbes and dust , it will preserve the... #33 Invention test! 30/4/21
Hello.. i live in Palestine I will talk a bout the siege .. we are trapped from the sea.. from... #31 Start the conversation! 19/4/21
That's right, the use of non-renewable energy is should be minimizing, but hard to do Solar power 30/4/21
I want to invite a good the purifies the air of microbes to keep people healthy from the... #33 Invention test! 30/4/21
I don't agree with you you have to tell the truth because positively affects people, negatively... #30 Expert knowledge! 15/4/21
That's right , the use of non- renewable energy is minimized , but it's hard to do without Solar power 30/4/21
Because oh human recklessness and overuse these resources will be reduced , and the world will... We'll never know the worth of water till the well is dry💧 28/4/21