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I love how you used actually stuff in the art piece! And I agree with you , we cant do it alone.... Humanity and Trees 23/5/21
Well expressed! Did your community take any actions against this situation? Let's Preserve It... 31/5/21
My rule would be: To use renewable products e.g water bottle. This is because there are lot of... #35 Make a rule! 15/5/21
I got 12/12 and definitely had fun while doing this! It wasn't stressful! I also learnt some new... The "Building Back Greener" Knowledge Quiz! 20/5/21
Great poster but do you do anything as a individual to help the reduce of climate change? We are the Solutions to Bringing Back Greener 23/5/21
Good drawing and my question for you is how long do you think its going to take for this process... The Colours and Nature of our World. 23/5/21
I would invent a device that detects to see if there is trash around you and the device could... #33 Invention test! 05/5/21
We are burning the earth ourselves and we think its too late right now but that's not true. We... #34 Caption this! 11/5/21
Wow, I loved the way you used nature than just using markers and pens! Final Piece: What effect would climate change have on the seasons? 09/6/21
I think this is a great point! I also like to add that people might not take actions now because... Is there a reason why we aren’t taking action on Climate Change compared to Covid 19? 20/5/21
My questions for Peter Tatchell are : What motivated you during these protests? What do you do... #18 Don't miss out! 16/1/21
We had a good idea but we didn't do it . Final Piece: What effect would climate change have on the seasons? 12/6/21
I agree with you! You have a valid point right there. First, it redeems on the case, like if it... Can people be redeemed for their bad actions if it was a long time ago? 13/6/21
Well a simple idea~! But there are obstacles to it A GREEN WORLD. 22/5/21
I think this was a very serious topic in our history and very unfair. Everyone was born the same... Learn more about the Black Lives Matter movement 14/12/20
This is what it said on mine! ''SPEAKING comes most naturally to you! You love letting people... #37 Skill quiz! 29/5/21
I agree with you! First listen to all the opinions then you can make your mind up. First get to... Cancel Culture: What can we do about it? 13/6/21
I loved this! Its original and well presented. Have you ever done anything to help the climate... I Have the power but the flag is heavy 26/5/21
Oo! Great work! Multiplying small acts by million hands 28/5/21
To be honest I didn't except these countries to be in the top 5! Well researched! Five countries can be considered the protectors of the environment 23/5/21
I would do a choreograph dance. It woild be where a group of people are explaining the different... #22 Say it with art! 17/2/21
Great Post! It shows how we are all the protectors of our earth. LET US MAKE EVERYTHING AROUND US GREEN 18/5/21
I really like this! It shows already how much changing the Earth means to you as you are using... The Call for a fresh new beginning 26/5/21
This post has lot of facts in it! Yes my country does contain green spaces ( UK) Green world tour. 20/5/21
I agree but do you think the other important people in your country will agree? What would I do if I were a leader? 20/5/21
I agree with Option C. This is because you have the right to disagree with someone. When you... #39 Pick one! 14/6/21
A great drawing! It shows the landscape and etc. Do you think the people on the Ghanaian... Building back greener to keep lives 23/5/21
A wonderful post! I really liked how you represented the wild animals and humans with those... Multiplying small acts by million hands 25/5/21
I think we all are the protectors of earth because we were a part of this critical situation. We... LET US MAKE EVERYTHING AROUND US GREEN 20/5/21
Some people might not be able to afford it or someone people might not have space. Those are... A GREEN WORLD. 24/5/21
The photo shows different types of protest from small to big! The 1st as you see is a car being... Session one: what is protest? - UPDATED WITH VIDEO 10/1/21
I love your art piece! Very detailed and it explains a lot. You used images to communicate! Nature is not a place to visit, it's home. Let's preserve it! 25/5/21
I agree with you! We need to do this together and we need to act ASAP. Green World 24/5/21
That post was detailed for what people protest for and it's true and very interesting! Protesting 10/1/21
Wonderful post! My school also planted trees! Greener street 22/5/21
This is a very important one! I know some people who were in this situation as you described.... The problem with Modern Cancel Culture 13/6/21
Also add to one of the cons is that sometimes its rumours and not really true The Pros and Cons of Cancel Culture 18/6/21
Are they aware of the climate change? Do you they do anything as a community to prevent it? Also... Greener environment 23/5/21
I really like how you put actual leaves in the drawing! Its a great post. In what ways do you... An Angry Earth 23/5/21