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I wish this could be true but unfourtunealy people nether agree why did David Cameron start brexit ? 28/1/20
I choose power because power is interesting to think about is power something you can measure?... #19 - Concept Comments 21/1/20
I think that some leaders lie and cheat and are in it just for the money. what do you think about this? Is everything that politicians say true? 21/1/20
I agree that there is life on other planets but i don’t think mars can help are situation Are aliens real 19/11/19
I think that we need to let young people be hired at a younger age such as 14 so people can get... Could kids work at hospital??? 10/3/20
I think that people can be influenced by others such as there parents or peers and I think that... do we even have a say in politics 04/2/20
I respect your opinion But I disagree I think we should get involved because the last time... SHOULD WE INTERVENE! 18/10/19
I think that more needs to be said about this particular topic. Coronavirus outbreak: how much responsibility lies with the Chinese leaders? 28/1/20
robots would not think of humans and only numbers so if we went to war they would most likely... Should robots be our polititical leaders? 11/2/20
are you on about freedom of speech if so I would like to discus this further WHY DO PEOPLE GET INVOLVED IN POLITICS? 11/2/20
If your in space and do a crime what countries laws would apply to you? Just a question i was... Survey in Space: Is it worth the cost and the first crime in Space 29/10/19
I think that the voting age limit should be lowered to 16 because it really affects young people... Do you think children should be allowed to vote? 14/1/20
I agree that some people don't care and I think that they should because there health and... Is the NHS worth fighting for? 03/3/20
not to mention all of his tweets 6 bad things Donald Trump has done. 28/1/20
I think that some politicians do abuse there power however there are a few that don't Do some politicians abuse their power? 28/1/20
the government only spend 20% on healthcare they should spend way more Do Government Invest Enough Money in the NHS? 25/2/20
Endless,terrifying,lonely i pick these three words because one space could be endless and we... #8 - Three Words And Why 29/10/19
You raise a good i also think that we should focus on the moon first rather then mars at the moment Trump to Mars? 19/11/19