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I found the headline "Paraguay declared malaria-free". Malaria is one of the worlds deadliest... Weekly Competition #21 15/2/19
I found the headline that says 'Pret a manger is opening a homeless hostel that will provide... Weekly Competition #21 13/2/19
I found the headline that says 'Pret a manger is opening a homeless hostel that will provide... Weekly Competition #21 13/2/19
Why do we? We feel like we need to prove to people that we have strength. That we are strong.... Weekly Competition #20 06/2/19
Distraught, frustrated and lonely. From a whole range of words those are best to describe how I... Weekly Competition #17 16/1/19
Money matters because by getting it, it opens up so many different opportunities. We should... Weekly Competition #13 05/12/18
10 years onwards and our money is safe and there is a very slim chance of another financial... Is our money still safe? 29/11/18
I agree with how you said there should be safer lending in banks. I personally think it is a... Banks should change their rules 29/11/18
I agree with your point wages are definitely unfair and imbalanced. I think that it should be... Are parents wages fare. 29/11/18
In my personal opinion i think headline D is the most sceptical. This is the headline which... Weekly Competition #12 27/11/18
In my personal opinion i think headline D is the sceptical. This is the headline which states... Weekly Competition #12 27/11/18
It was the smell that drove me crazy first. Not the fact that I had been isolated on an island... Weekly Competition #11 22/11/18
*how much is in your bank account. Who is to blame? 17/11/18
1)This is why I think the blame lies to the government because they are in charge of the bank.... Who is to blame? 17/11/18
I personally think that the bank is to blame. Although I do agree with your point that the... Who is to blame? 14/11/18
I think that something we could use instead of money is face ID. Apple have already came up with... Weekly Competition #9 07/11/18
I think it should be Winston Churchill on our new bank notes. While he was alive he fulfilled... Weekly Competition #8 31/10/18
I think you should always listen to other peoples perspective's. This is because people will be... The school trip 04/10/18
I got 6 out of 8 I was able to tell what the definition of the different words and I could say... What have you learnt so far? Try our quiz! 04/10/18
Although her job is quite hard and I understand that she made a promise to try and change the... Ahn Sang Suu Kyi 04/10/18
I personally disagree with this. This is because terrorists didn’t kick anybody out of their... Who is actually to blame for the crisis? 04/10/18
I think the odd one out is picture c because it is only one that is fighting or making a protest... Weekly Competition #4 04/10/18
I don't think her awards should be taken away. After all she went under house arrest for 15... Should Aung Sang Suu Kyi's peace prize be revoked? 26/9/18
I personally think that Wikipedia isn't the greatest place to find new and current affairs. This... Weekly Competition #2 20/9/18
I think that in some way social media is a good way to find the news, but you also need to take... Weekly Competition #2 20/9/18
I agree with your opinion, that she should try and do something and I like the fact that you... Wake up, Aung San Suu Kyi! 20/9/18
Even when the world is full of darkness and it feels like the world is tumbling down around you... Weekly Competition #1 13/9/18