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I would too. Great minds think alike as they say. Well done for winning last week's competition.... Weekly Competition #10 15/11/18
Thank you so much for these tips Not seeing your post published? What we want for this Issue 11/1/19
Murder breaks Britain I thought of this headline myself because it is one where you are... Weekly Competition #18 22/1/19
Well done😊😊😊😊😊 The End of The Issue Quiz! 20/12/18
It feels as if she is feeling sorry for herself. And that she is very angry and lonely as she... Weekly Competition #17 11/1/19
If I had 100,000 pounds I would set up a shelter for the homeless people for 50,000 and with the... Weekly Competition #10 15/11/18
I agree with your post awesome sparrow Why do you think violent crime is increasing? 10/5/19
I absolutely love these quizzes. They really test your knowledge The End of The Issue Quiz! 20/12/18
I think that this comment is true because than our world will be a better place with no people... Weekly Competition #32 10/5/19
Gping was actually going Weekly Competition #20 08/2/19
A credit score is a score that tells banks if they can lend a loan to that person. I would set... should the government make up stricter rules for banks? 20/12/18
I also got sceptism Take the skills-based personality quiz! 06/12/18
I picked money tree because then you just pick the money off the tree and it grows again and... Weekly Competition #12 29/11/18
I got open mindedness Take the skills-based personality quiz! 06/12/18
Loving the slogan Financial crisis 19/12/18
The impact on the people who were suffering was that they didn't get more money to buy the... Financial crisis 20/12/18
Good final peice Fixing the financial future 19/12/18
Why do young people join gangs even though they know it's not right and that they are gping to... Weekly Competition #20 08/2/19
I agree with you Weekly Competition #15 20/12/18
That sounds like a great idea Weekly Competition #10 15/11/18
money matters when you have to pay loans, mortgages and rents Weekly Competition #13 06/12/18
money matters because if you had a loan or mortgage, rent or you were in debt then you would... Weekly Competition #13 05/12/18
I am aiming this advice to adults of any age. My advice is that parents should distract their... Weekly Competition #15 20/12/18