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thank you although i must also give credit to fair_analysis as we came up with it together Financial crisis 21/12/18
If banks lend money to people who can’t pay them back then the banks could take repossession of... How Did People Lose Their Jobs From The Financial Crisis? 13/11/18
In my opinion even though we may be the ones abusing the planets health, we have been told that... Should everyone be held equally responsible? 28/6/19
If I had that much money I would spend 50,000 on a restraunt to earn money but with the rest I... Weekly Competition #10 13/11/18
This is a very smart post but i would like to give you a challenge: try and make an alphabet for... Climate Change By Alphabet 21/6/19
indirect democracy is unfair as that only allows the mps to decide whereas the country should... Indirect democracy: is it fair or unfair? 21/3/19
I believe that Trump's wall and Brexit are linked because in both situations the people have a... Weekly Competition #39 28/6/19
If we are not aware of this crisis at a young age then if it does happen we will not understand... Could the financial crisis happen again? 14/11/18
in my opinion everything starts with just one person and can lead to a global event. For... Can an individual personal make a difference to climate change? 21/6/19