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Personally,I agree because they might be a good president and can treat people good but then... Should you be able to stay on to president in America for longer? 22/10/20
I agree because,teens which are about 16 have more reasons than adults as teens get more... Should the age that you are allowed to vote be lowered? 22/10/20
Hello,it’s jovial_lime,that is a very interesting post😃 👍, I think that it is possible to elect... Has anyone run for president without a rival? 20/10/20
I think they should change the rules as some of them are harmful and it can change the world FOREVER Should electoral points be changed? 21/10/20
In my opinion i think no one won the debate as they were just being childish and just... Was there an outcome to the first Trump vs Biden debate? 21/10/20
I think that the debate was not that much about running the election,Biden and trump were just... Trump vs Biden second debate: what did you think? 20/10/20
I think the both candidates lied about each other because they want the audience to vote for the... Do the two candidates lie about each other? 20/10/20
I think that in the 2016 election where only 61% of people voted is a big deal as 3o% might of... Session four: voting 20/10/20
From watching the video,I have developed a question,how much money is spent every 12 years? I... Who pays for the American election? 20/10/20
Some harmful rules are such as the purge, where they can use weapons that are illegal and thats... Should electoral points be changed? 21/10/20
I think the consequences should be getting banned from a social media for about a week What should be the consequences if someone creates fake news? 22/10/20