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Thank you.This helped a lot. How to win STARS on the Hub! 07/10/19
Great rap VIDEO: Hong Kong Rap 07/10/19
I don't know how to Do you think journalists should go to Hong Kong? 19/1/20
The good news I have heard is that more people have recovered than died in the Uk. All you here... #28 - Good News Stories - Winners Announced! 24/3/20
I think we should explore Earth because we live here and we could find a solution to climate... It more important to make discoveries on Earth or in space? 12/11/19
I got 15/16. I was surprised with the 77% of the NHS’ workforce are women New NHS Quiz! 02/3/20
My chosen space job is a spacesuit designer . A spacesuit designer is a person who designs... #14 - Space Job Skills - Winners Announced! 09/12/19
I think Britain should get involved because we are the ones who made the deal with China.On the... Should Britain help Hong Kong? 07/10/19
I am sceptical abut Quote A because we should see children’s opinions and what they think about... #5 Questionable Quotes - Winners Announced! 07/10/19
Can this be for Caroline Dove? How does this issue have a impact on your every day life? I think... Our NHS experts are ready for your questions! 24/2/20
No because there are protests going on and they are throwing tear gas that could blind people... Is it fair for Hong Kong's government to ban face-masks? 07/10/19
I think everyone can say whatever they want because it is a right and people have their own... Should people have the right to say whatever they want? 30/9/19
They wouldn't because Hong Kong knows we are an amazing country because we ruled them nicely but... Will the protests stop if we do nothing? 07/10/19
Thank you A guide to the Hub - please read if you have just joined us! 12/11/19
Congratulations! New NHS Quiz! 24/3/20
I got 20/20 !!!!! Test your knowledge with our Space Issue quiz! 16/12/19
Yes I like it but it doesn’t make sense . Should people have the right to say whatever they want? 12/10/19