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I think they can do both because let me say the great wall china it was there to protect but... Do walls protect or divide people? 26/4/19
In my opinion i think the best way to make a decision is to make sure that people have ID when... What’s the best way to make decisions? 01/3/19
I got open mindedness!! Take the skills-based personality quiz! 01/2/19
So i don`t think there really doing anything because the police on the streets have been cut down. Are the police doing enough? 01/2/19
money matters when there is a natural disaster such as an earthquake or a flood, as it can... Weekly Competition #13 30/11/18
I think that if I was stuck on a island i think the best thing to be washed up on shore would be... Weekly Competition #11 16/11/18
I think it is important because it good be a really good opinion! Everyone is aloud to have an... Do you think hearing different peoples perspective is equally important ? 05/10/18
Walking home I saw a box it was huge! I opened it up curiosity filled my mind I could see candy... Weekly Competition #5 05/10/18
So I think b looks like a protest! Maybe about people wanting to help Myanmar/Rohingya people.A... Weekly Competition #4 28/9/18
I think it should because she isn’t helping her people and plus she isn’t showing any peace... Should Aung Sang Suu Kyi's peace prize be revoked? 21/9/18
I feel very confused because the Rohingya people say they want peace but they just carry on the... Weekly Competition #3 21/9/18