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I thought a lot about how we could settle on a planet that isn't Earth. It is not just as... Send robots into space, not humans 11/12/19
Is the way you choose to communicate your information different depending on who are you writing... #33 - Ask the author! 29/4/20
I think being in lockdown is a positve thing to happen to the enviroment. I've been reading... #28 - Good News Stories - Winners Announced! 25/3/20
My idea for improvement focuses around supporting the mental health and wellbeing of young... #27 - Ideas for Improvement 16/3/20
I used to think that all people in the Houses of Parliament were elected... #22 - I used to think... Now I think... 11/2/20
One opinion I have about space is that Trump’s Space Force is a positive thing. I read a... #10 - Brain-stand! Winners Announced 11/11/19
How do you know when a politician is telling the truth during one of your interviews? Has there... #18 - Question the Questioner - Winners Announced! 13/1/20
My question is for Dr Ali Hassan: Do you think that promoting private healthcare companies is... Our NHS experts are ready for your questions! 27/2/20
Tom asks if there should be a set of laws in space and, if so, who should be responsible for... Is space lawless? 08/11/19
Something that will happen is that our sun will eventually die. I know this because all stars... #15 - Will, Might, Won't! 17/12/19
Think about the position of Mars in relation to the sun. It is further away than Earth and is a... What is the greatest space-related achievement of the last 50 years? 11/12/19
I disagree with the quote “D” because it might not be how it was in the past when China used to... #5 Questionable Quotes - Winners Announced! 07/10/19
I actually think that putting weapons in space is going to be the most terrible idea Trump has... Trump's 'Space Force' 13/11/19
I disagree with “D” because it might not be how it was in the past when China used to control... #5 Questionable Quotes - Winners Announced! 07/10/19
I do think that there is more to explore on the moon, but why can’t we send robotic probes... Is visiting the moon again worth it? 15/11/19
My advert for re-opening The National Gallery would say: Get Rid Of The Grey Of Lockdown;... #40 - An Advert for Art 18/6/20
Well really that has to depends , I do agree with you but it can be a possibility a peacful... Should countries keep out of each other's business? 01/10/19
NASA: Creating Opportunities For The Next Generation I chose this motto because NASA... #11 - Make a Motto for NASA 18/11/19
I think a good prime minister should have the following qualities: 1. A responsible... What does it take to be a good Prime Minister? 31/1/20
Yes I really think so . With all what they did , it would have to come with a punishment of them... My letter 16/10/19
I chose the word democracy What do you think of when you see this word? When I see this word... #19 - Concept Comments 20/1/20
‘NHS BATTLE PLAN TO SAVE MILLIONS OF LIVES’ What is it trying to make us think? I think... #25 - Behind the Headlines - Winners Announced! 03/3/20
my chosen job is to be a laser technician. Laser technicians are photonic technicians who work... #14 - Space Job Skills - Winners Announced! 09/12/19
Really , it depends , if they are like Hong Kong , China and London like the topic we are mostly... Should countries keep out of each other's business? 01/10/19
I’m not that the answer to saving the NHS lies in members of the public giving them more money. ... How can we save the NHS? 09/3/20
May I just add that it was actually Hong Kong who spread the tear gas because they got anoyed ... Why the violence? 03/10/19
On my poster for NHS staff, I would write: Keep sharing your smiles. I would write this as a... #24 - Notes to the NHS 24/2/20
I suggest that they change the voting age to 16. I think this because if most older people pass... #20 - What One Change....? 29/1/20
Art is important because it helps our minds be free. It helps us think beyond what we believe... #38 - Hundred Word Challenge 04/6/20
My virtual arts festival would include both traditional and digital art and would be an... #39 - Your Virtual Festival 11/6/20
I think increasing the price of unhealthy foods is, in many ways, unfair. There are several... Is it fair for the government to make unhealthy food and drinks more expensive? 27/2/20
I think that if the NHS works with private heath cares, it would solve its funding problems, but... Should the NHS collaborate with the private health care sector? 30/3/20
Hello , I do really agree with you , instead of Hong Kong being worried , why cant they be... are the children in Hong Kong really fine and are they okay 01/10/19
Well really if they are going to do that isn't it going to kill the population of Hong Kong , I... Why the violence? 03/10/19