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I disagree with passionate_wilddog. Although any space exploration is expensive, returning to... Is visiting the moon again worth it? 15/11/19
I read an article recently about what Norway is planning to do to protect its satellites. ... Trump's 'Space Force' 14/11/19
The article contains a quote from Jeffrey Manber, the CEO of Nanoracks: “I get up on the planet... Is the biggest barrier to future space exploration in our heads? 14/11/19
I dont know What can we do with space and what should we do? 08/11/19
Trump’s Space Force is billed as a new branch of the US military and will be used to fight wars... Trump's 'Space Force' 08/11/19
I believe that there should be consequences for Anne McClain whilst she is still in space (if... Is space lawless? 08/11/19
According to my research, there is almost no oxygen in the air on Mars (0.1% to be exact in... Mars habitation: is it possible? 04/11/19
I have taken some time and thought about this question and soon realized that you should always... If you know you’re unlikely to succeed, should you still try? 01/11/19
no Space exploration: interesting, but at what cost? 01/11/19
I was reading about the idea of extraterrestrial environmental ethics, which basically asks the... Do we have a duty to explore space? 01/11/19
I thought about this and wondering if there was any way of combining the two things. Are there... It more important to make discoveries on Earth or in space? 29/10/19
Here is the link to the guardian article. I would be interested to know what other people think... Carrie Lam: “Both her hands are soaked in blood.” 18/10/19
Question 1: October 1st was the 70th anniversary of the day Mao Zedong declared the founding of... How significant were the events of 1st October? 16/10/19
In my opinion, everyone should have the right to say what we would like. This is because if we... Should people have the right to say whatever they want? 30/9/19