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In his post, cultured_atom says that the Human Right Act protects everyone’s right to freedom of... Should everyone have the right to free speech? 17/10/18
In my opinion i think that not every one could have there own speech because some peoples speech... Should everyone have the right to free speech? 10/10/18
In my opinion taking risks in life is a really serious thing to do because you could lose all... To risk, or not to risk, that is the question. 30/11/18
I think that picture a is the odd one out because in that picture there is violence and in the... Weekly Competition #4 28/9/18
Warm up your mind,for your future! Weekly Competition #7 19/10/18
“Oh yes!” I thought I’d been waiting for ages. I grabbed it eagerly ; I couldn’t wait to open it... Weekly Competition #5 05/10/18
Money matters so you can buy clothes for yourself to wear and stay protected from your environment. Weekly Competition #13 30/11/18
In your Christmas break your parents have a really busy time because loads of guests would be... Weekly Competition #15 14/12/18
I think that you do need money in life to survive , but in my opinion you don't need that much... Is money everything? 02/11/18