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We must give extra careness to the earth,inspire of all the difficulties the world is facing.The... #34 Caption this! 07/5/21
open_ knowledge,taking developing countries for example,if they listen and then become creative... Session 6: Global Conversation reflection 24/5/21
There is an adage which says'a problem shared is half solved'.If other countries share their... Session 6: Global Conversation reflection 24/5/21
focused_river,are you saying you wish your school walls were painted about global warming,and why so? Session 6: Global Conversation reflection 24/5/21
focused_river, how come global warming causes war and why? Session 5: your Final Piece 24/5/21
I would like to make my own company which would use plastic waste to make dustbins to keep the... #36 Work for the world! 24/5/21
I really enjoyed this year's Global Conversation but one problem I have is,the zoom meeting.I... Tell us what you think about the Global Conversation! 23/5/21
We should not do anything which would cause harm to the climate,if so you would face the law.... #35 Make a rule! 18/5/21
I want to become an inventor and invert vehicles that would not produce harmful gases to the... #36 Work for the world! 23/5/21
Art is a good way to explain to a group of people who do not understand the same language... Session 5: your Final Piece 18/5/21
Thank you Final piece 25/5/21
All countries do not have equal responsibility to "build back greener".When you come to my... Session 4: who has the power? 11/5/21
In Ghana, people all over the country has different opinions on "building back greener.Some... Session 3: what's the best option? 07/5/21
In my country Ghana,the best way for us to"build back greener" is by helping nature by planting... Session 2: how can we "build back greener"? 30/4/21
Thank you very much Final piece 25/5/21
Most people are not reacting to climate change with the same as covid-19 because the negative... Find week your WEEK 6 Cluster Conversation! 20/4/21