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Covid 19,.corona viruses pandemic is the global issue or global challenge because many people... Session 4: Making adaptations 16/5/20
Step 1 Prevent or React Prevent (i) prevent the tooth decay could be better because will... Session 4: Making adaptations 19/5/20
PREVENT OR REACT PREVENT -prevention from tooth decay is very important since the tooth... Session 4: Making adaptations 17/5/20
One of the factor that cause temperature variation is Altitude. The higher the altitude lower... Ask an expert about extreme weather! 16/5/20
Prevent & React PREVENT 1.To prevent tooth decay can be very important agenda because can... Session 4: Making adaptations 15/5/20
Increased temperature from greenhouse warming energize the atmosphere hence create harsh... The impact of the Corona virus (Covid 19) on the tourism sector. 16/5/20
PLANTS+SHADES, this is very easier adaptation because it need awareness and willingness to the... Session 4: Making adaptations 19/5/20