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The walls before have nearly always had a negative effect. This will just divide the two... Building walls to keep people out: is it ever right? 10/5/19
It looks like hes only building a wall to become a powerful president because know one would... Trump's wall and what he is doing. 17/5/19
I agree we are doing the exact same as Donald trump building a wall but with Brexit. Everyone... Trump's Wall & Brexit - Similarities and Differences 17/5/19
I think the same there will just be arguments and chaos. This looks like the two countries will... How much trouble would Trumps Wall cause with Mexico 10/5/19
I agree how will mexico ever flee if there is a boarder. My Opinion Wall- Should people move freely? 17/5/19
This wall has many reasons why it may be put up like to stop illegal drugs coming in even though... We don't agree the construction of the wall 24/5/19
I agree with you 100% there should be a wall between the two nations but the money they would... Trump's wall 10/5/19
They can protect people in some cases but mainly it just divides the two countries. Also the... Do all walls protect people? 10/5/19
In my opinion, walls divide people,it my protect them from people coming in with drugs but its... Do walls protect or divide people? 10/5/19
They should get a say since it may change their thoughts against the president. Is Using Walls Better Than Not? 10/5/19
Donald trump is dividing the 2 countries and is trying to take advantage over Mexico. Trump... Why do we have walls??? 24/5/19
I agree the wall should not be built but even if the wall isn't built the bond will be broken... WHY DO WE NEED MORE WALLS ? 24/5/19
The Berlin wall also the Hungarian border barrier. Building walls to keep people out: is it ever right? 10/5/19