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Thanks:) Trump and his wall by alphabet 24/5/19
I think its pointless because you have no freedom and its a wast of money.Also people can pass... NO TO THE WALL 10/5/19
Thanks:) Author Tim Marshall answers YOUR questions! 24/5/19
I think theres no point because hes wasting loads of money and hes not even getting what he... Trump's wall 10/5/19
Donnald Trump shouldnt build a wall because it will take years and it will be a lot of money If he really cared, Donald Trump would address the far more pressing issues America is facing 17/5/19
Thanks:) less walls, more humanity! 24/5/19
Yes we know Trump and the Big Beautiful Wall 24/5/19
It is a bad idea that Donald built a world Author Tim Marshall answers YOUR questions! 24/5/19
Its not fair because you get split up from your family and friends Is It All In My Head? 10/5/19