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I think Trump can find other ways to stop people coming in to his country, there are loads of... Building walls to keep people out: is it ever right? 17/5/19
I think they do not need a wall. If they really need something they can get a fence. We don't agree the construction of the wall 24/5/19
I think a stranger should not make your decision because it is up to you and they don't know... Should strangers make your decision? 17/5/19
She is the best BNC teacher ever. Miss Mellars should definitely get an award. BNC Awards - Exciting news! 24/5/19
I think my teacher (Miss Mellars) should get an award because she is always helping us improve... BNC Awards - Exciting news! 24/5/19
I think he should not build a wall because people have the right to do what they want. People... Trump's wall 24/5/19