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I think yes because people are entering a country ILLEGALLY. Thanks, Yours sincerely earnest_wolf Is migration a bad thing? 13/5/19
you say "dont build the wall" mate i dont decide im not trump. Borders 17/5/19
This is great! :D Trump- How and Why? 13/5/19
I think this is untrue because you have borders to keep your property private. There is also... Weekly Competition #32 13/5/19
"The world would be better without borders." I am skeptical of this statement because it would... Weekly Competition #32 13/5/19
A person who I know of who is denying climate change is Trump. This is my perspective...... Weekly Competition #40 11/7/19
I don't thin walls will keep people out 100%. For example a small garden wall that is 10 inches... Building walls to keep people out: is it ever right? 13/5/19
Don't be a fossil fool and use Renewable Energy! Weekly Competition #35 04/6/19
Desertification, Water Pollution, and Air pollution are the most hazardous environmental issues... Weekly Competition #37 15/6/19
Nice facts about trump. I didn't know he had a middle name though. Trump- How and Why? 13/5/19
Migration Mexicans and borders All one thing? Weekly Competition #33 17/5/19