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I think he should take down the wall because there could be half of a family in mexico and half... Should The Wall Be Taken Down?? 23/5/19
i know imagine if half of your family was in Mexico and half of your family was in America you... Trump's wall is destroying families and relationships 23/5/19
i think borders are stupid because people should be free to go wherever they want to. Is It All In My Head? 09/5/19
Trumps wall separating families and ruining relationionships. Weekly Competition #33 23/5/19
Hi my name is: delightful_dragonfruit My school is: Morley Newlands Academy we are inEngland,Morley Welcome to our new schools! 09/5/19
This is a really creative post Well Done. Dear Donald Trump 08/5/19
But what if your family lived in a different country and there was a wall dividing you so you... Do walls protect or divide people? 09/5/19
well if they were no walls or borders my house would fall apart. What would happen if we removed all walls and borders? 08/5/19