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I agree if he did build this"big beatiful wall"people could just smuggle it in other ways such... Trump's "big beautiful wall" 10/5/19
9/10 Try this quiz about borders! 17/5/19
Paying the people would cost millions as well though. Trump's "big beautiful wall" 17/5/19
I agree Trump shouldn't build the wall because people could just smuggle the drugs in multiple... Trump's wall 10/5/19
There is always a way to do something so why spend billions of dollars on a pointless wall when... Building walls to keep people out: is it ever right? 17/5/19
I disagree with you because there are lots of different ways to smuggle drugs in like through... My Opinion 17/5/19
yes well done BNC staff since I have used this website my english revituare has shot up My experience with BNC 24/5/19
i agrree I also like how you did your last paragraph Should strangers make your decision? 17/5/19
I agree Donald Trump should not build the wall once he talks to mexico a couple of times he will... Dear Donald Trump 10/5/19
I think my teacher should get the award because she gives every time and what ever you... BNC Awards - Exciting news! 17/5/19
I agree Dear president Donald Trumps 24/5/19