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Aawwww I couldn’t be able to watch :( Financial crisis news report 15/1/19
I think your right that banks should be blamed because most of the time they take the money for... WHY BANKS SHOULD BE BLAMED FOR THE FINANCIAL CRISIS !?!?! 21/11/18
I think economy is not fair because lots of people have to spend a ridiculous amounts of money... Is the economy fair? 22/11/18
I think people should do an election to the government why they should never let the prices of... The Financial Crisis: What are we doing to prevent it from reoccurring? 21/11/18
Why do government make England bankers have to give you taxes? 1. Experts Answer YOUR questions! 22/11/18
This will help me for my final piece but I think banks should have strict rules but not too much... Final Piece - The Financial Crisis 2008 Ten Years On - Stricter Rules For Banks. 20/12/18
And by the way, what great work!👍 Is the economy fair? 22/11/18
I think I would give three quarters of it to charity and the other piece to me and my family. What would u do with £100,000,000,000? 21/11/18
I think I’m going to blame the government because he’s not minded lots of citizens’ life being... Who is to blame and why? 21/11/18
In my view, I think we should always put violent crimes on the news because we need to learn... Is the media showing too much knife-crime? 23/1/19
Thank you, this will help me to think of my final piece Financial Crisis 2008 Final Piece 20/12/18