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Thank you Tom for announcing that. Issue 1 Thought Leader Announced! 23/10/20
I would work outside because if I was inside and I had an important meeting on zoom noises might... What is the best way to work at home or outside?? 19/11/20
I think that being a nurse is an important job because if we didn't have nurses then a lot of... What do you think is the most important job during COVID and and why? 30/11/20
Thank you Katie for this quiz it really tested me on my knowledge. I got 21/24 and I am proud... Take our future of work knowledge quiz! 30/11/20
I agree with this post decisive_redcurrant. I believe that if you are being bias then that is... What does bias and stereotyping have to do with work 20/11/20
I really liked this final piece decisive_redcurrant because you have explained a lot which helps. A day with an american citizen 22/10/20
I am really happy that Michael Faraday won the thought leader for this year. Issue 1 Thought Leader Announced! 23/10/20
This is a very good final piece authentic earth. I really liked it. I think that you answered... Finale Piece : The interview 22/10/20
I agree that we should have a lady as president of the USA as there have been 45 presidents in... Do we really want another man as president? 04/10/20
I agree with you decisive_redcurrant . It would really offend people if Donald Trump is... Why do we need elections and are they relevant? 02/10/20
Thank you What is the best way to work at home or outside?? 19/11/20
My class wants Joe Biden to win because Joe Biden wants to pay teachers more but Donald Trump... Session six: reflection 22/10/20
I think person 2 is the strongest because they are too young to vote. I think that the second... Session four: voting 08/10/20
I think this is very detailed jovial_eel. I like how you explained each quote you made. Truth, Facts & Transparency - What politician's say matters! 23/10/20
I think Joe Biden should win the election because he wants to help education and that is... Trump vs Biden second debate: what did you think? 02/10/20
This is a good final piece articulate_concept but maybe you could've explained your answers a... My American citizen's interveiw 23/10/20
Thank you for replying to my post decisive_redcurrant. I agree with the points you made there. My American Election interview 23/10/20
I would rather be employed as part of a company because I don't want to be stressed when I self... Is it Better to be Self-Employed or an Employee? 19/11/20
Thank you for correcting my mistake opinionated_badger. Session six: reflection 23/10/20
My dream job is to be a teacher because I want to help students that I might teach to achieve... #11 - You're hired! 19/11/20
No I don't think that people who are showing bias know that they are being biased because they... What does bias and stereotyping have to do with work 26/11/20