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Thank you! From Pandemic To Infodemic 31/3/21
Thanks eager_reflection that was a stunning post and I think Trump is going to do a virtual... What may happen due to Trump contracting the virus? 05/10/20
My dream job is to be a doctor. So in this case I think listening is the best skill as you need... #14 - Star skill! 08/12/20
Thanks Tom, if you were talking about the situation with 2 children having an argument then I... From Pandemic To Infodemic 30/3/21
Thanks courageous_ocean, I really liked your post! I also liked the fact that you explained the... The Future of Work. 09/12/20
I agree, thanks for the post. Keep up the hard work!!! Is fake news effecting election results 30/9/20
I have learnt that all protests are not always positive. #23 Ten or less! 24/2/21
Thanks hardworking_apple, good job and I just want to say I think Joe Biden would do a better... How do the presidents plan to help our education 02/10/20
Hi discreet_drum, thanks for your post. It was amazing to read as you had explained it... The future of work 09/12/20
In my opinion, I think the numbers in the news are quite important because if someone wanted to... #29 Share and compare 01/4/21
Thanks for the post crafty_grapefruit 😃 and I know Trump has made many mistakes but I think... Donald Trump confirmed covid 19 02/10/20
I find fact 4 the most interesting as it has been hidden for over 100 years [ very shocking ]... #28 One can win! 30/3/21
Well done, I liked how you structured your post and how you explained things clearly! From pandemic to infodemic (joint post by decisive_redcurrant,authentic_earth and unique_tiger 30/3/21
thank you memorable_dove😄 The Future Of Work 17/12/20
Job Title: Party Planner Your Job: Organise a festive party that everyone will appreciate and... #16 - Festive job vacancy! 06/1/21
That was an amazing post, good job and keep up the hard work!!! What is a rigged election? 02/10/20
I loved your final piece memorable_dove, keep up the hard work♢ Future of Work 14/12/20
Amazing work resourceful_lime, I loved all the colours you added and speech bubbles with... Pandemic to infodemic 30/3/21