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Well done flowing_strategy! I particularly liked this post because It's very detailed and it... My Citizen's American Election Interview 22/10/20
It depends on what you volunteer for. If you volunteer to help clean the ocean, it would be an... Why should we consider doing volunteering works? 12/11/20
I agree and disagree because the robots can't get infected and can touch a very sick patient but... Could robots help the environment during Covid-19 and will they be useful 12/11/20
I think a doctor would be one of the most important jobs because they inject cures into sick... BNC work together 12/11/20
My robot would immediately make a cure for any virus or sickness and basically act like a doctor... #10 - Design a robot! 12/11/20
I agree with your opinion, all the states should have equal electoral points because they're all... Should electoral points be changed? 09/10/20
Kings and Queens don't really have much power. They're usually just part of the Royal Family but... Work 12/11/20
I think robots shouldn't replace humans because humans get their money from jobs and if the... Humans VS Robots: Which is better for work? 09/11/20
Thank you Olivia! The future predictions of work. 16/12/20
I mean by being a hitman or being in a gang or just something that results in somebody getting hurt. Why should we consider doing volunteering works? 19/11/20
I would like to be a mathematician as I'm over expectations for maths on my report and I also... #11 - You're hired! 19/11/20
I don't think there should be a limit of how many years you can rule in America because the... Should you be able to stay on to president in America for longer? 13/10/20