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I really love your idea! #2 - Title Challenge 16/9/20
This idea is very creative! #2 - Title Challenge 17/9/20
I Love your idea but don't forget to add your title! #2 - Title Challenge 17/9/20
If you don't want to waste your vote, vote for the one whose policies are closest to your views #3 - Power to the people 24/9/20
I don't understand why racism even exists in this world! Everyone should be treated the same no... Learn more about the Black Lives Matter movement 17/9/20
I think the people in California have the most power because their votes are worth more in the... #3 - Power to the people 23/9/20
Good title! I got the idea of children learning to talk from U! #2 - Title Challenge 17/9/20
It was really useful! How to get started on the Hub 14/9/20
My title is ''Don't be scared to speak out' ' The reason I chose this as my title is because... #2 - Title Challenge 16/9/20
Good title! #2 - Title Challenge 17/9/20
Thank you so much Olivia! The quiz was really fun! Thanks again Quiz: Test your news knowledge! 16/9/20
Thank you so much Olivia! How to get started on the Hub 14/9/20