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good job flowing_strategy I've been hearing lots of this on the news and social media and I've... Is Donald Trump faking he had coronavirus? 09/10/20
well done flowing_strategy.There are lots of people in the world that are being rude to the... How does Social Media affect the Popular Vote? 02/10/20
Thank you , I tried my best althogh doing it on a phone brought some problems Finale Piece : The interview 21/10/20
good job encouraging_mulberry, I found this really intresting and imformative How voting has changed in America over the years. 16/10/20
good job Consistent_starfruit My Final Piece (INTERVIEW) 23/10/20
thank you for the post. i agree with everything you said 😁 Trump or Biden, The Pros And Cons. 02/10/20
:) Finale Piece : The interview 22/10/20
Good job storytelling_king , I totally agree with you that is not really fair Should electoral points be changed? 15/10/20
good job spectacular_beaver My American election 23/10/20
Hi, my question is : Is fake news legal, if not can you get a fine or go to jail for it and ... #4 - A matter of facts 28/9/20
great job hardworking_apple, I have found this really interesting keep up your hard-work Is fake news effecting election results 30/9/20
good job ingenious_forest Citizen Interview Final Piece 23/10/20
That you don't have to be the candidate to be famous and to have an important job. All of these... #7 - Listen to learn! 20/10/20
I think that the candidates should at least last in a debate half an hour. Although , if the... #6 - Debate Decisions 15/10/20
Great job flowing_strategy, I was impressed My Citizen's American Election Interview 20/10/20
great job flowing_strategy, I can't believe you got on editor's picks My Citizen's American Election Interview 22/10/20