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Reasons to prevent extreme weather It could resort in death. It could cause... Session 4: Making adaptations 25/5/20
this is really beautiful and it really wonderful Session 1: Introduction 22/5/20
People don't practise social distancing and washing there hands, we need to practice these... The coronavirus: Your daily update 31/5/20
I learnt that we should listen to other people's point of view and don't be sceptive. There is... Session 6: Presentation time 26/5/20
The change I want to continue is frequent hand washing and good personal hygiene.This is because... #37 - One change to keep 28/5/20
COVID-Organics: Madagascar's purported cure for the pandemic Some African countries are... #36 - Head to headlines 20/5/20
Very inspirational My extreme weather speech 28/5/20
ONE CHANGE TO KEEP Caring: During this Covid 19 period one thing i have noticed is now that... #37 - One change to keep 28/5/20
Members of the The Economist, in Nigeria the most extreme weatherbin 2018 Nigeria experienced... Session 5: Preparing a speech 25/5/20
this issues of extreme weather are very stressful and cause businesses to be affected and need... Session 1: Introduction 22/5/20
Art is a way of expressing your self , whether it's by: drawing, dancing, singing or even... #38 - Hundred Word Challenge 31/5/20
For the full news go... #36 - Head to headlines 20/5/20
Step 1 Cloudy,Hail Step 3 They're both the same disasters but one is more dangerous than the... Session 1: Introduction 20/5/20
Step 5 It's portraying that the global climate is changing The pictures are saying the... Session 1: Introduction 20/5/20