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Well done New Horizons! Thought Leader for this Issue goes to... 19/7/21
Step 1. I would choose option A because if you let a stranger choose, you don't know what... Session three: decisions 24/10/20
Disagree. Listen. Respect. Repeat. It's fine to disagree. That's natural. However, you also... #8 - A Call for Courtesy! 24/10/20
We work for our money, we work for a living Our goals shall be achieved, our salaries... #9 - Acrostic Poem 03/11/20
Feel better with a fresh start Retry and forget the past Energised, you can try again Start... #32 A fresh start! 30/4/21
Hello courteous_glacier, I will try to answer your question as simply as I can. You have to... #11 - You're hired! 19/11/20
I don't know whether I will be back in September but I am really glad I got this opportunity! I... The Hub is now closed for Summer! 22/7/21
Hi, in answer to your question, you should look on Social Media to see if you can find who... Cancel Culture: What can we do about it? 20/6/21
Thank you Tom! selfassured_journalist How to win Skill Stars on the Hub! 05/11/20
I would like to ask Tsitsi Mkombe, "What is the trickiest decision you have made when it comes... Ask an expert! 30/4/21
I would like to ask Debbie Marks: In what ways have weddings and other events changed due to Co... Ask an expert! 12/11/20
Great idea! #36 Work for the world! 27/5/21
Hi everyone at the Burnet News Club, I want to share my point of view about this. Looking at... Protestors attack the US Capitol, and President Biden inaugurated! 12/10/20
Posters Petitions Campaigns Speeches Protests Social media These are the only ones I can... Who is affected by climate change? 27/5/21
Yes, their situation impacts their views on building back greener. TIGER group | Week 3 Cluster Conversation 08/5/21
People who live in cities might feel that they really need to build back greener as they will... TIGER group | Week 3 Cluster Conversation 05/5/21
I think that not all places have equal responsibility to "build back greener" as some cities... TIGER group | Week 4 Cluster Conversation 11/5/21
Good point, people might not know enough about climate change to feel concerned about it.... TIGER group | Week 3 Cluster Conversation 08/5/21
Hi smart_tomato, Your rule is really great and you clearly know the steps in making your rule... #35 Make a rule! 17/5/21
In London, I personally think that to invest in green transport and to help nature are the best... TIGER group | Week 2 Cluster Conversation 01/5/21
Is it ok if I didn't do the lesson in class? My club got cancelled this week. selfassured_journalist Session one: what is work? 05/11/20
Hi reflective_artic_fox, This is a really informative post and it has provided me with a... What might happen if one of the current candidate wins? 11/10/20
I would like to get better at problem solving. Can you get stars for this and if so, how? What skill would you MOST like to get better at? 09/5/21
Nice #41 Picture this! 28/6/21
My rule is: Do 5 actions to save our planet from being destroyed. My rule might seem small, but... #35 Make a rule! 14/5/21
My question is for Alex Miller. My question is: Considering the benefits and disadvantages of... Ask an expert! 13/6/21
One piece of advice that I would give to someone who has been cancelled is that if they see... #42 Good advice 02/7/21
Hi vivacious _oboe, The word vivacious means extremely lively and with very high... Session five: your Final Piece 24/10/20
I agree, some people think that as long as things are working out for them they are fine. The... TIGER group | Week 3 Cluster Conversation 08/5/21
Step 1. I think Ilhan had an opportunity and a problem to make money because he was getting more... Session three: covid-19 and work 19/11/20
Hi everyone, I think that problem solving is the most essential skill for fact-checking. I... Was your question asked to fact-checker Angie Drobnic Holan? 14/10/20
Well done! Read all about the BNC Awards! 16/5/21
Thank you!!!!!!!! Cancel culture in court! 20/7/21
I believe that Inge is the odd one out. Her situation is different to the others as she is... #43 Odd one out 09/7/21
I too the quiz and found that problem-solving is the skill that comes to me most naturally.... #37 Skill quiz! 28/5/21
I think that all the ways will help the climate equally, they all have a positive impact on the... Session 2: how can we "build back greener"? 29/4/21
Hi, how do you make a joint post? As in, from you and another BNC user? How to get started on the Hub 25/6/21
I think problem solving is the star skill as it is needed in many jobs. Here is a list of some... #14 - Star skill! 10/12/20
To Anita McBride, What was it like working in the White House for 2 decades and 3... Ask experts your questions! 11/10/20
Hi sincere atom, Good question! I can really only think of protest and campaigns as an answer. Who is affected by climate change? 16/7/21
To people who want to be a fact-checker, I would advise trying to accomplish the things I wrote... Was your question asked to fact-checker Angie Drobnic Holan? 14/10/20
Hi BNC, I didn't really understand this session. Could someone please explain it to me? Thank... Session two: changing workforce 12/11/20
I've completed it! Big thank you to everyone at the BNC you have helped me so much (- : Win a star by taking the End of Year Survey! 23/6/21
The one new rule I would add is that each candidate should be able to express their plans and... #6 - Debate Decisions 11/10/20
Good question, coherent_knowledge! I think it's up to business and factory managers to lower the... Which is more important: Covid or climate change? 20/5/21
The Earth is like a newborn bird. If we don't care for it, greenhouse gasses will attack it like... #34 Caption this! 08/5/21
Firstly, I really want to to thank Anita McBride for answering my question. It was great hearing... Anita McBride talks to us about working for three presidents! 24/10/20
Don't worry, crafty_papaya! Look on the bright side: you learnt new facts which you probably... Take our fun Building Back Greener quiz! 08/5/21
Why should we focus more on climate change than Covid? Will climate change impact more people... The end of the Global Conversation quiz! 23/5/21
Thanks Final Piece: Build back with Green Bricks 28/5/21
You are right, some harmful gasses aren't visible so people think it isn't even there. But it... TIGER group | Week 3 Cluster Conversation 08/5/21
Nice💯💯 My Artwork. 27/5/21
My score was 10/10 but I have to admit, I guessed some. I was extremely surprised that John... The Fun Work Quiz! 04/11/20
Hi, I wanted to share my thoughts on this. Step 1 Should people be able to say what they... Session 1: what is cancel culture? 13/6/21
I think that power is when you have control over something or someone. An example of power is... Session one: power 11/10/20
Ingredients for justice: -Unfair problem -Listening skills -Unbiased... #40 Recipe for justice 22/6/21
This is a really inspiring caption comfortable_yuzu! #34 Caption this! 08/5/21
I personally think that celebrities will be less affected than others i.e. normal people. If you... Session 3: experiences of cancel culture 24/6/21
I agree ENVIRONMENT after COVID 19 17/5/21
I agree with OPINION C the most because if we don't disagree, we will never learn about... #39 Pick one! 11/6/21
When I am older, I would like to be an author or a doctor. I would be an author because I love... #11 - You're hired! 13/11/20
Step 1. In London, the air is usually tinged with grey, the sign of air pollution. There is... Session 3: what's the best option? 06/5/21
I think Picture B shows cancel culture the best as it shows a small boy pushing at a huge... #41 Picture this! 25/6/21
Steps 2 and 3 Session two: changing workforce 12/11/20
Thank you!!! Say thank you to our experts and volunteers! 19/7/21
WOW! You are an awesome artist! The old man. 27/5/21
Really nice artwork! Living Green 25/5/21
I would become an explorer who goes on many expeditions around the world. I would see the... #36 Work for the world! 21/5/21
Hi terrific_raccoon, Work is such a big issue now because millions have lost their jobs due to... Session one: what is work? 03/11/20
Thank you !!! Session two: changing workforce 19/11/20
Art is a good way to explain something to a group of people who don't speak the same language... TIGER group | Week 5 Cluster Conversation 17/5/21
I agree, every cloud has a silver lining. Covid has broken up families but its effect on the... Was Covid The Epiphany We Needed 09/5/21
Individuals as if many people get inspired to take action then they can persuade others to save... What are people doing to save the environment? 10/5/21
Thank you for letting me be featured! Read the latest Hub Highlights magazine! 13/11/20
Thanks for commenting! You're right they're both equal . Which is more important: Covid or climate change? 21/5/21
My competition links to the Issue Cancel culture. I would challenge people to research stories... #44 The competition competition 16/7/21
His comment I mean #10 - Design a robot! 08/11/20
But they could be different as there are now vaccines for Covid Which is more important: Covid or climate change? 21/5/21
Hi Olivia, When exactly is that ceremony and is do schools also have a ceremony as in which... How to win Skill Stars on the Hub! 05/11/20
I would invent a flying machine which can quickly pick up litter and non-biodegradable objects... #33 Invention test! 30/4/21
If air pollution from the city travelled to the country, it would be bad for the farmers as it... TIGER group | Week 3 Cluster Conversation 05/5/21
Thank you! I personally think only really mean and selfish people actually deserve to be... Poem about Cancel Culture 19/7/21
This is great! I like how you are so confident when you make a post. selfassured_journalist My American Citizen's Interview 14/10/20
My robot would be called Fair Rules 300. He would be firm and strict and would look on the... #10 - Design a robot! 08/11/20
Cool The future of work! (final piece) 19/6/21
I just realised it is a lot like ingenious forest. I didn't mean it to be though. #10 - Design a robot! 08/11/20
I am selfassured_journalist and I have 2 things to say. Firstly, thank you Tom because using... How to win Skill Stars on the Hub! 05/11/20
I thought that was pretty nasty too, empathetic_signature. #6 - Debate Decisions 12/10/20
I think person 2 has the strongest reason as to why they didn't vote : Person 2 clearly was... Session four: voting 21/10/20
Fact checking is important so you know what's real and what are untruths. Was your question asked to fact-checker Angie Drobnic Holan? 14/10/20
Good point TIGER group | Week 3 Cluster Conversation 06/5/21
Step 1. Journalist Doctor Author Nurse Caretaker Chef Shopkeeper Manager Business... Session one: what is work? 03/11/20