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i think that it should worth the cost Is it worth the cost? 11/12/19
I got 11/16 New NHS Quiz! 27/2/20
I think that we should get involved because Hong Kong is getting distroued Should Britain intervene with the Hong Kong crisis? 16/10/19
i disagree with this because i think Hong Kong needs help ABC of Hong Kong 25/9/19
i think it would not be good to send people to titan because its too hot Could we live on Titan? 04/12/19
Britain should not interfere with chinies stuff Why Britain should NOT interfere 16/10/19
i tried to be open minded with my answers New NHS Quiz! 27/2/20
No because the world would be a terrible place to live😊 Do we want A World War III? 08/10/19
I think that we should not send animals to space because they mite get hurt and then die and it... Should animals be allowed in space? 04/12/19
We need to save the people that are ill. It is bad - we need more staff because the staff can... How can we save the NHS? 12/3/20
no one owns the earth because if people owned the earth it would not be fair because they will... Space is worth a lot, but who owns it? 04/12/19