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The universe belongs to all of us, so do not go to space because if you do, the rockets will... What is the universe expanding into? 04/12/19
the solar system is pretty so if it break then how know what will happen The beautiful Solar System! 05/12/19
we need to help them VIDEO: Hong Kong Rap 08/10/19
if we mine on the moon then in are future the moon we be gone Asteroid mining, can we do it? 04/12/19
black holes can kill us all so it is important that we know what to do if there was a black hole. Journey to the edge of the universe... 05/12/19
there to meny people need help by the nhs The NHS is failing 12/3/20
the moon is are emergency place so we need to go there so if we did go there then we will know... Why should people go to the moon again? 11/12/19
no we will just kill people and not save them because ware kids and just want to play... Could kids work at hospital??? 12/3/20
kids should do what they like and they should be are allowed to vote if they what to because ti... Do you think children should be allowed to vote? 09/1/20
no because if the nhs failed we will make a better nhs for the world Should we spend more money on the NHS. 12/3/20
The moon you an go to but mars you can not go to because it to hot Mars vs Moon 04/12/19
yes sound do not move in space why? Is space silent 11/12/19
make more nhs buildings and more people to stop go to the same nhs building we need a nothare cumeparey How can we save the NHS? 12/3/20
the nhs is failing so badle that it need to be shout down and make a now comepare Is the NHS worth fighting for? 12/3/20
this sod not be hapng Why the protests? 08/10/19