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Hong Kong should have the right to be free HONG KONG Needs Help 25/9/19
i do think NASA is a bit real but 50% yes and 50% no Is NASA fake 04/12/19
I think we need to do both more hospitals would help because some people have to drive hours in... Do we need more hospitals??? 27/2/20
every one needs safety Face mask is ban in Hong Kong 08/10/19
There are people dying out on the streets and all that money can give a brand new life Should Space Tourism Be Banned 05/12/19
I think we should spend more money on the NHS because the population of the world is getting to... Should we spend more money on the NHS. 12/3/20
Yes racism will never be good for us. And i think there should be a little punishment What Justin Trudeau did 2001 30/1/20
china needs to stop because of the ingurys Why the violence? 03/10/19
Of course NASA is real! You can go to Florida and watch rockets being launched into space! Also... Is NASA fake 05/12/19
it is real because you can see people in space on videos check Is NASA fake 05/12/19