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how is NASA real i am not to shore but i will take your knowledge and say that it is real so are... Is NASA fake 05/12/19
I think that pop concerts are dangerous because if you get lost someone could carry you into there home The order of importance 11/12/19
yes they do need more staff because there are millions of people are sick and there are not that... The NHS gets 20% of the taxes the Goverment get, they need more. 12/3/20
I like that it is in A B C I like it so much ABC of Hong Kong 25/9/19
I know I kind of rushed it Hong Kong freedom 12/3/20
Hong Kong has the rite to do whut they want Why the violence? 08/10/19
i agree i am sory if you can not read it it is reely good HELP HONG KONG!!! 03/10/19
I agree with you I would of done the same thing as you if it was a team thing and I like your... help! 16/1/20
I think that we should not go to them ever because we have thing in the sea. Mars vs Moon 04/12/19
If I was the prime minister i would of gifern 10000 pouns to every homless peopel in our contree... What would you do as prime minister? 09/1/20
I think that we should be warned and i agree it would be cold there so i think that we would... Could we live on Titan? 04/12/19
i got 11/16 and my some one did some of it so i got about... New NHS Quiz! 27/2/20