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I think robots could help during the pandemic since they can’t get ill and they have a possibly... Could robots help us beat the virus?? 04/12/20
Personally I think everyone should be paid the same depending on there job. Should everybody be paid the same? 04/12/20
To me success means to have a passion for what you’re doing and to be happy. What Does Success Mean to You? 04/12/20
I feel robots are good and bad at the same time since they can take some of the rough jobs so... Do robots live up to human expectations? 04/12/20
I agree with you, I think we should encourage people to get outside and start planting trees. Cost of building back greener 04/5/21
Personally I think people should work so they can earn money to buy food buy houses and to make a living. Why should people work? 04/12/20
I think robots would be good around the house so humans can focus on more important things. How can robots help humans? 04/12/20