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i do not get how this is useful because its just a superstition. Trump's 'Space Force' 19/11/19
No because people could just be silly Should kids have a right to express their political views about whats happening ? 14/1/20
thanks Tom now i understand how to get stars How to win STARS on the Hub! 14/1/20
yes because they can help more people to change peoples lives. Do we Deserve Free Healthcare from the NHS? 25/2/20
Dear James cleverly Hi am a year five student in Lyons hall primary school. I am writing to... SHOULD WE INTERVENE! 03/12/19
i don't think Britain shoul'd get involved in it because we might get hurt. should we help hong kong 08/10/19
democracy because no matter who you are you should have a saying in debates i think its rude... #19 - Concept Comments 21/1/20
moon because everyone has curiosity Mars vs Moon 10/12/19
i learnt so much maybe put a bit more explenation Are we the only living life form in the universe? 19/11/19
it may be possible but it would take a very long time Asteroid mining, can we do it? 03/12/19
do you know how much money it is to build a rocket . Your chance to ask a space expert! 03/12/19