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That is very risky. Who knows what could happen if they malfunction or something, it could also... Could robots help us beat the virus?? 04/12/20
I don’t think they should even be playing in this pandemic. Should Premier League footballers be paid less money. 04/12/20
This would be a bad idea, as hard jobs that get a lot of money will die out because they ill go... Does every job deserve the same amount of money 04/12/20
Well, they have shops with the same items because it gives the workers money and if you don’t... Why do we have different shops for the same items? 04/12/20
To me success means to have a good life What Does Success Mean to You? 04/12/20
You need to work for money Why should people work? 04/12/20
Everyone would not get money and they will die possibly. What Would Happen if There Were No Jobs Left? 04/12/20