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I think that we should because there could be something out there that could solve our problems... Why we should explore space and why we shouldn't 10/12/19
I see we're on the school leader board at last! Thanks Tom for showing us the top 25 as well. I... Updated: Where is your school on the leaderboard? 06/4/20
I think that to be a good politician you need to tell everyone every little bit of information... What does it take to be a good Politician? 13/1/20
This was a tough question! First of all, I think that we should have an age limit. I think... Should there be an age limit on who can go up to space? 09/12/19
Do you mean innocent? Is Donald Trump innocent or not? 07/2/20
I agree with you. After his wall thing, which in my opinion went a bit too over the top, most of... Trumps space force do you agree? 12/12/19
I've been getting better at cooking as well, Olivia. I've been baking cakes like Lotus Biscoff,... A special message from Tom and Olivia! 08/4/20
He just kept on joking around all the time. Like the time when he got stuck on the zip wire. Is Boris Johnson doing the right thing? 26/3/20
I think that the NHS are doing as much as they can and I think that they are doing enough. They... Are the NHS doing enough? 24/3/20
He did things like trying to shut down Parliament and people couldn't vote or speak up. Also he... Is Boris Johnson doing the right thing? 25/3/20
( Some of this info is from other websites ). Why is Trump on trial?: Trump is on trial... Is Donald Trump innocent or not? 07/2/20
I would have been extremely proud as well if I helped make the ExoMars Rover (if you can do... ExoMars Rover engineer Abbie Hutty speaks to the BNC! 10/12/19
I used to think that politics wasn’t important, but now I realise how much we need it. We need... #22 - I used to think... Now I think... 07/2/20
I definitely do NOT want a country without a Prime Minister because who else is going to make... Do we really need a prime minister??? 13/2/20
I think we should because Hong Kong and China are supposed to be following the rules of the... Hong Kong in Crisis! 19/12/19
I would say that (if we don’t have one already, which I’m pretty sure we don’t) we would have to... Why we should explore space and why we shouldn't 12/12/19
The baddest thing that I know about that Boris Johnson has done is asking to shut parliament for... Has our prime minister done a good job 10/2/20
Here is a balanced argument about sending robots into space. I think that we should send... Send robots into space, not humans 10/12/19
I think that they should be because even if they miss out the tiniest bit of detail, then that... Can politicians be too honest? 30/1/20
I think he would talk to the rest of the Conservatives before sharing his decisions with the UK.... Is Boris Johnson doing the right thing? 27/3/20
Thnx! This advice could get me winning actual stars! 😂😂😂 I’ve not got any stars yet on BNC.... How to win STARS on the Hub! 19/12/19
I think that we should have medicine for free because businesses are hanging by threads as it is... Should medicine be free? 23/3/20
I got 6/10. I hardly ever watch news, and I expected to get less than that, so I guess it was just luck. The Good News Quiz! 25/3/20