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I thing we should go back to the moon again because we haven’t explored the dark side of the... Why should people go to the moon again? 09/12/19
Some people think that the age limit should be 18+,it is a good age and you are an adult so you... What should the age limit be to vote in elections? 23/1/20
I don’t think there should be an age limit, but if you are under 18 you should have an adult... Should there be an age limit on who can go up to space? 09/12/19
I think that we should only focus on one the ocean or space. But I don’t know which one, with... Ban Space Exploration 09/12/19
I think a space doctor is important because we need medicines in space and we might not have one... #14 - Space Job Skills - Winners Announced! 10/12/19
As it said in the title, are our politicians environmentally friendly? I think that they are... Are our politicians environmentally friendly? 29/1/20
In my opinion, I think that they should’ve thought about their actions first because if they... The MPs Expenses Scandal 30/1/20
Well space has zero gravity so it will take a while for are bodies to get used to having not as... how could moving to space effect our bodies? 10/12/19
This is my point of view, some politicians can be too honest but I think that is good because we... Can politicians be too honest? 24/1/20
thanks!!! Is Donald Trump innocent or not? 11/6/20
I think kids should know about crime just so then when they are older they can know that all... Should children be informed of violent crime? 09/12/19
Hong Kong MPs should get to speak out they are in a democracy too, they are just MPs and they... Should Hong Kongs MPs get to speak out? 09/12/19
It is one country to systems as well! SHOULD WE INTERVENE! 09/12/19
As we have been learning about the Hong Kong crisis, this is a two sided argument but which side... SHOULD WE INTERVENE! 09/12/19
When you are Politician, you must be ready to speak out and say your speeches with confidence,... What does it take to be a good Politician? 13/1/20
I think the most valuable discovery we could make in the ocean is to find something like a... Ban Space Exploration 10/12/19
We do need knifes for food at home like for cutting food or even when your eating meat, but I’d... No Knife is a Better Life! 09/12/19
What is the difference between medicine on earth that we have and the medicine for in space? Is... Space medicine expert Bonnie Posselt answers YOUR questions! 09/12/19